Like butter wash day

So washed my hair last Friday and I was tempted to conclude that it was the best wash day ever! Started with light finger detangling then got my hair into six plaits. Prepooed with a Tresemme naturals conditioner and grapeseed oil mix which sat on my hair for about 4 hours. Next shampooed with Shea moisture replenishing shampoo. Did a black tea rinse making sure to focus on my roots. Not sure how long you’re suppose to leave it on the reap the anti-shedding benefits, but I let that soak in for a couple minutes then rinsed it out. I know some people deep condition over the tea rinse but the handful of time I’ve deep conditioned without rinsing out the tea, it left my hair feeling rough and dry so I opted to rinse it out. Used a shirt to soak up excess water from my hair before adding the dc. I had a little bit of my prepoo left over so I mixed that with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle conditioner and deep conditioned with my heat cap for about 25 mins.

After removing the heating cap, undid each plait individually and detangled with my Hercules Sagemann comb which sliced through my hair like butter. I couldn’t believe how much slip my hair had, wish every detangle could be this easy again. Needless to say Aubrey Organics honeysuckle rose is my new favourite conditioner. Rinsed out the deep conditioner then did an ACV rinse. Let that sit on my hair for a couple minutes then did a final rinse with cold water.

T-shirt dried and wrapped my hair up for about 15- 2o mins.Had planned to blow dry my hair but it really wasn’t needed. As my hair was so easy to detangle I just  rebraided each section after detangling with the comb and called that a night.

Combed my hair in about 16 plaits the next day and styled them simply. Three days after the wash and with only one moisturizing and sealing session (forgot to do it yesterday, will do it today after wring this), my hair is still nice and soft, love it.


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