world cup wash edition

Yeahhhh, Germany won!!! Wont describe myself as a football fan but gosh, I love it when a plan comes together. That is exactly what Germany had today and throughout the tournament, a strategic approach to the game that played out in their favour in the finals. They definitely deserve to win for their skill, all round team effort and superior strategy

Enough of that. In addition to completing what seemed like a million other things today, I washed my hair. I put my hair in 6 sections and prepooed last night with Tresemme naturals conditioner and today shampooed with Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo. There was a bit of product build up my scalp so I did a apple cider rinse by pouring 10 parts diluted apple cider over my head, making sure to focus on getting it on my scalp. I let that sit for a minute or two then rinsed it out.

Since its the second week since texlaxing, I did a protein treatment today so added Aphogee 2 min reconstructor to my hair and covered with a shower cap for about 7 minutes. Finally got my Aubrey organics honeyrosesuckle conditioner so deep conditioned with that. Made sure to squeeze as much water from the plaits  before adding the conditioner so that the hair absorbed more of the conditioner.  I detangled each section with my wide tooth comb which was the only point during the wash when I undid the plaits. Did about 4-5 passes on each section with the comb but dont think that much was necessary as the comb seemed to glide real easily through the hair. This was surprising as the conditioner didn’t feel like much when I first put in on my hair but after adding a bit more,I realized it had quite a bit of slip.

Covered my hair with the deep conditioner with my heating cap for about 30mins then waited another 15 mins or so before washing out because well, I was doing other things, cooking, laundry etc. My hair felt so nice and soft immediately after rinsing out the conditioner. I t-shirt dried and then wrapped up my hair for about 30 mins to further dry. Didn’t mean to stay that long but again, laundry, cooking, etc.

Normally, when I wait that long to get to moisturizing, sealing and detangling, my hair is usually dry and totally shrunken. This time around, I was pleasantly surprised to find my hair still soft and moist and in need to just a light bit of detangling. This Aubrey organics conditioner does a much better job of moisturizing my hair than the ORS deep conditioner I previously used so I will be sticking with it for now.

Anyway, added my Darcys Botanicals leave-in conditioner and sealed with grapeseed oil. Because of my propensity to be a bit heavy handed with sealing, a few weeks ago I bought the Misto spray bottle which I’ve heard good things about. It is suppose to dispense just the right amount of oil to effectively seal without added too much oil to the hair. I’ve been using that for a few weeks now but I’m not really sure it does such a good job, I always feel like not enough oil has been added to my hair to get the job done. Anyway, today I went back to pouring a bit of oil directly into my palm which to me did a better job of sealing in moisturize. I’ll keep with this during the week to see how it goes.

During the second half and extra time of the match, I combed my hair in about 25 plait and curls, using the end of my seamless rat tail comb for parting. Seems like a long time just to plait some plait and curls but I cant say I could have gone any faster. To have gone faster would have meant rushing which would have resulted in breakage. As matter of fact, the whole wash process took a bit longer than I really care for. Excluding the overnight prepoo, it took about five hours but that’s with doing other chores which generally is the way I wash my hair anyway, I try to use conditioning time and air drying time to complete other tasks. I would say total hair handling time was about 3 hours a half hours which is about an hour more than I’d really like to spend on my hair every weekend (btw, I have shoulder length hair). The reason I texlaxed my hair was because it supposedly was going to reduce my hair handling and maintenance time. However, I cannot say that has been the case these last two weeks. Wash days take just as long and because I didn’t have my hair in my usual plaits/braids, there was a lot more handling arranging daily buns during these last two weeks as shorter nape and edge hair kept falling into disarray.  That stops today though as I attempt to get back into my weekly  plait protective styling regime. As I get used to handling my own hair however I can only hope that my wash day efficiency will increase.

During plaiting, I noticed that loosened bits of build up still clung to my hair close to the roots. It is so annoying to go through the whole process to lift the build up from the scalp and have it not completely rinse from your hair. Its now stuck there requiring either an additional rinse or rough handling to completely remove. Need  to remember to run my unloosened plaits under running water to better help with the removal of build up from my hair next time.

Okay, this was way more than I ever expected to write about a simple wash day, hope you didn’t just find the whole thing utterly and completely boring. Have a good hair week!


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