So its been one week since I texlaxed my hair, how am I liking you ask? Apparently not that much. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out as I expected. First, even though the relaxer was on my hair for more than 15 mins, most of that time was spent on the back of the head so the front of my hair is more textured than I care for. No problem really, its all part of learning how my hair responds to the relaxer and figuring out timing for the future. The result though is that my hair especially the hair line, is not as smooth as I really wanted. That was the point of the texlax, for a smoother look when styling, might as well have kept my hair natural if it was still gonna look kinky when pulled back.

Second, my hair is not ‘as long’ I imagined it would turn out to be. I knew I was in for a serious trim cause my ends were completely uneven before the texlax. Considering that I was going from completely natural, I expected that the gained length from relaxing the natural curl pattern of the hair would have been more than enough to compensate for the trim. However, I would say my hair now is just slightly shorter than it was before. Bummer but at least now my ends are more even and I feel good about the health of the ends. It’s about retention now I guess so I’ll  be watching them like a hawk,moisturizing ,sealing and protective styling to prevent split ends.

Anyway, I prepooed last night with Tresemmee naturals conditioner and olive oil for about one hour under a shower cap then shampooed with Shea moisture retention shampoo, followed by a deep condition with ORS conditioner for about 15-18mins. I washed in five section one at the back, three across the middle and one at top. Completely less stressful wash day with the texlaxed hair, took way less time and the comb glided seamlessly through the hair.

I then t-shirt dried for about half hour then added  Darcy’s botanical leave in conditioner and Paul Mitchell serum per section as I detangled. Needless to say, my first attempt ever to roller set my hair was a learning experience. The hair was not smooth on the roller , frizz galore. Not loving it at all but I’m encouraged to keep at it.

So week one I would say was filled with ups and downs regrets and encouragement. Funny how I kept noticing all the natural hair ladies around me this week, it seems like everybody in the city was doing exactly what I just ran away from, made me wonder what fool thing I had just done. Now though I’ve accepted my hair and recommitted to this for at least the next six months. Stay tuned.


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