The what

Hi world,

Glad you’ve decided to join me here at relaxbacktonatural. I’m Kali and this blog is going to chronicle my healthy hair journey from natural hair, to relaxed, to transitioning  and finally back to natural. You got that?…good… My hair has been natural virtually all of my life ( it was relaxed one singular time) but at its current length, it takes more time than I’d like to dedicate to wash, detangle and comb. While I love the natural texture, I have gotten the itch for something different. Thought through many options but in the end  figured might as well go all in, take the plunge and relax. But not completely straight, texlax is what I’ve settled on.

Have no fear my fellow naturalists, I plan to rejoin you in the near future. I’ve given myself exactly two years to enjoy the ‘convenience’ and ‘ease’ of texlax hair, before beginning the transition back to natural. Dont worry, I have a plan so stay tuned, it’s going to be exciting!


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